Recent improvements have been completed to improve the cleaning efficiency to the Northern Seed facility in Billings, MT. The main improvements center around the order of the cleaning equipment and allowing the machines to function at their highest capacity. Now this facility starts with the main cleaner known as an air screen machine, this machine scalps off any large foreign material followed by sifting out the fine chaff and dirt. After the air screen machine the seed runs through an indent machine to help separate weeds and off spec grains of different sizes. With all of these improvements the biggest addition is we were able to bring the gravity table online to function for all seeds and not shut down or hold up the cleaning process. The gravity table will allow us to remove the light density material which also has the highest chance of being the poorest germinating material. In addition many other spouts, gates and conveyors saw additional repair and maintenance and we are looking forward to a safe and successful planting season for the plant and all of our customers. Thank you for your continued support from the staff of Northern Seed LLC.

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