Thank you for a great 2014!

In the coming year, you’ll see additional bins, new faces, and expanded customer service.
First of all, we would like to take a moment to thank all of our valued customers for a great 2014. All of us at Northern Seed appreciate your support and hope you all had a very successful 2014 on your farms and ranches.
After evaluating our 2014 seasons and listening to you, we have identified a few concerns. I’m happy to report that we have some solutions ready to roll out for 2015. First we are increasing our capacity by adding new bins in Fort Benton,
East Pondera, Shelby and our Billings locations. This will allow for more product to be cleaned and treated ahead of time and should make for a more convenient experience during the season’s rush.

Another important addition is that we have added some new faces to the team. In Conrad we have added Jeremy Bushnell and Boyd Matheson as co-plant managers. Both have trained under Tony in Shelby and Ed in Fort Benton, and we feel they are ready for this challenge. Next for those of you who don’t already know, Brandon Neuman joined Norther Seed, LLC to improve our business plan for Clearfield Systems and seed treatments. Brandon has an extensive background in seed treatments
dating back to the Gustafson days, and has been involved with Clearfield since its inception. Brandon will also be involved in day to day seed sales.

Finally our newest team member is Justin Philipps. Justin grew up on a farm in Conrad and just graduated from MSU (Go Cats!) with a bachelors degree in Ag Business. Justin will be taking over some of the supply chain duties and will also help with sales support and questions. I am personally very excited to have Justin and Brandon joining our team and hope that this will help us respond to your needs in a much quicker manner than we have been able to in the past. Please feel free to contact either Justin or Brandon with any seed needs or questions. We hope that these additions will make for a great 2015!

New Northern Seed Research Center

This past season, Northern Seed made a large investment in research by purchasing the former Monsanto/WestBred research station near Bozeman. This facility will allow us to test newer grain varieties quicker, and with more analysis from a laboratory site. This lab will also allow us to perform forage analysis for our livestock customers. Craig Cook, Gail Sharp, Dr. Fernando Portal Guillen and Angela Suffridge make up the Northern Seed Research Center’s team. All former WestBred employees, they are focused on the research, testing, and screening that will help us select the market leading varieties for your planting.

Book Your Seed Early

Montana and Idaho are the two largest Malt Barley producing states in the Union, however these two states received the worst untimely amounts of rain during August, 2014.

As many of you already know, sprouted Malt Barley, sprouted spring wheat, and falling numbers have been the talk around town for the past several months.

When you boil these challenges down, the one thought that many of you may have overlooked is the availability of quality, certified Malt Barley and spring wheat seed. The seed industry is aware of the challenges that exist for spring 2015 and Northern Seed is in a good position to provide its customers with quality, certified seed despite the moisture damage that occurred in 2014.

Northern Seed is currently working hard to make sure that all of their customers are in a position to receive the highest quality of certified seed.

One of the biggest challenges that exists for Northern Seed, is to make sure that you are on the list for spring varieties that you will chose to plant for 2015.

Please take this opportunity to lock in your quantities of spring varieties. You may also take advantage of pre-buying your 2015 spring varieties before 2014 comes to a close. When you book your seed in 2014, you’ll receive pricing, help with tax planning and you’ll guarantee that you get the seed you need for your 2015 contracts.

Please contact any one of the Northern Seed Conditioning Plants to reserve your spring variety today!

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