Northern Seed has five seed conditioning plants in the heart of Montana; one of the nation’s premier grain production areas.

All of Northern Seed conditioning facilities are approved as “Certified Seed Conditioning Plants” by the Montana Seed Growers Association. Northern Seed continues to invest in a system of segregated conditioning equipment, augers, conveyors and storage tanks that lead to the higher qualities of certified seed required by tomorrow’s higher standards of the grain channels.

We presently have over 140,000 bushels of segregated storage, cleaning equipment that can condition over 10,000 bushels per day, and access to 5 truck scales at these facilities, along with a rail siding, all to aid our customers increasing needs of efficiency.

Northern Seed
1400 Minnesota Ave
Billings, Mt 59101
Office: 406-252-8012
Fax: 406-245-6990
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Billings Facility

Northern Seed
109 8th Avenue NE, Building B
Conrad, MT 59425
Office: 406-278-9189
Fax: 406-278-0230
northern seed conrad montana

Conrad Montana Facility

Conrad East (limited use facility)
Northern Seed
2681 Christenson School Road N
Conrad, MT 59425
Office: 406-278-9189
Fax: 406-278-0230
east conrad northern seed

East Conrad Montana Facility

Fort Benton
Northern Seed
2811 Saint Charles St.
Fort Benton, MT 59442
Office: 406-622-5481
Fax: 406-622-5709
Fort Benton Montana facility

Fort Benton Facility

Northern Seed
200 Marias Fair Road
Shelby, MT 59474
Office: 406-434-5000
Fax: 406-434-2334
northern seed shelby montana

Shelby Montana Facility

Bozeman Research Facility
Northern Seed
81 Timberline Drive
Bozeman, MT 59718
Craig Cook: 406-223-7337
northern seed Bozeman research facility

Bozeman Research Facility

Administrative Headquarters
205 9th Avenue South, Suite 205
Great Falls, MT 59405
Office: 406-952-1000
Fax: 406-952-1003