SY Clearstone Plus

2 Gene Tolerance to Beyond Herbicide
Very High Yield Potential
Great Winter Hardiness
Medium to Late Maturity
Medium to Tall Plant Height
*New in 2014
SY Clearstone is a new taller semi-dwarf, Clearfield that has Yellowstone heritage. Best used on acres where Yellowstone is a good fit. Recommended for dry land acres.

WB4059 Plus

. 2 Gene Tolerance to Beyond Herbicide
Very Good Yield Potential
Very Early Maturity
Short Plant Height
The “Awnless” One
*New in 2014
WB4059 is a short and early wheat. Great fit under irrigation and also very adaptable to dry land acres. Don’t be fooled by looks alone! Great yield without the straw.

Brawl Plus

2 Gene Tolerance to Beyond Herbicide
Very Good Yield Potential
Early Maturity
Medium Plant Height
Very Balanced Agronomics
Brawl Plus is a great fit for both irrigated and dry land acres, where grassy weeds are a problem.

What is Clearfield Plus?

Clearfield Plus Varieties (2 Gene) Allow for the use of crop oil concentrate (COC) or methylated seed oil (MSO) in place of a non ionic surfactant (NIS). The MSO and COC can provide a higher level of weed control. Clearfield Plus varieties also allow for a fall application of Beyond. If needed.
Varieties– Brawl Plus, SY Clearstone Plus, WB4059 Plus, AP503CL2.
Adjuvant Recommendations: NIS 0.25%v/v (1 Quart / 100 gallons of H20)
COC/MSO 1% v/v (1 gallon / 100 gallon H20) * if using a tank mix partner with Beyond, do not use COC or MSO unless it is recommended on the tank partner label.
Fertilizer Recommendations:
UAN: 1-2 gallon / Acre in 10-15 GPA (higher rate may provide better feral rye control)
AMS: 15 lbs / 100 Gallons H20
Rates and Timing:
Beyond 4-6 oz /acre (Spring Application)
From Tillering to Jointing
10-15 Gallons of H2O / Acre
*Always Read and Follow Label Directions

Download our Fall 2014 Clearfield Varieties flier.

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