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Seed Excellence

Campaign for Seed Excellence in Montana

Northern Seed has instituted an internal program called the Campaign for Seed Excellence. Part of this campaign is to network with the industry to:

  • Improve the commercial seed environment
  • Network crop contracts for our producers
  • Network with food processors to supply their needs
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Certified Seed

Northern Seed Montana We strongly recommend certified seed because of the many benefits including:

  • High Germination
  • Fewer weed seeds
  • Less inert matter
  • Less seed-borne disease


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Prepay Your Spring Seed to Manage Your Cash Flow!

Prepay Your Spring Seed to Manage Your Cash Flow!

Northern Seed is working to ensure that you will receive the highest quality of certified seed. Make sure that you are on the list for spring wheat varieties and pulses for 2017 by prepaying your seed in 2016. It's a great way to guarantee that you'll get the seed you...

Northern Seed Grower Meetings

Northern Seed Grower Meetings

December 13 in Shelby Coyote Club (Elks) 10:00 am Guest speakers include: Craig Cook, from Northern Seed's Research Center Justin Nielson, Bayer: Crop Science, Canola Seed Jake Baum, with a Northern Seed Pulse Presentation Jerry Begger from WestFeeds will talk about...

Northern Seed, LLC seeks to boost agricultural production by providing quality seeds, seed treatment, and services to our growers; for their supply to millers and end users with the highest quality grain. Our goal as an organization is to provide you with the highest value for your dollar. This includes: quality selection, reasonable prices, and responsive customer support.

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