Seed Treatments

Brawl-clp wheat seed montana

Seed treatments are extremely important to healthier Montana crops

At Northern seed we offer our customers the most effective broad spectrum seed treatments given Montana’s toughest soil/seed borne diseases. Prescription seed treatments allow our customers the ability to choose which protection he/she needs depending on which crop is being grown and allows the ability to add higher/lesser rates of insecticide/fungicide given specific field/farming challenges.

Benefits of seed treatment

  • Grower Benefits — ST’s contribute to early and faster planting, healthier stands, higher plant populations and higher yield
  • Healthier Crops ‐ Protecting seed against pathogens, insects and other pests
  • Positive Environmental impacts — Precision and effectiveness of ST;s applied directly to the seed and not on the entire field.
  • Economic impacts — Seed Treatment insecticides are estimated to grow 10.9% annually by 2018
  • Seed coating polymer — Northern Seed offers an advanced polymer that reduces dust-off and minimizes viscosity while keping the seed treatment on the seed.

Northern Seed does carry a current supply of seed treatments for retail sales. However, Northern believes that producers will be dollars ahead by allowing the trained professionals at the Northern Seed conditioning plants apply the seed treatments. Northern Seed has the calibrated treaters installed into its conditioning process. Thus, producers do not have to worry about the accuracy of their rates as they would if they apply at the farm.

Recommended seed treatment products

Apron Maxx RTA
Inoculant Nitrastik
Cruiser Max Vibrance (wireworm option)

  • Provides the benefits of both systemic and contact fungicide activity
  • Is a powerful seed-applied insecticide
  • Is safe on seed and can be used with most rhizobiumbased inoculants
  • Gives consistent performance under a wide range of growing conditions
  • Combines systemic movement with ideal soil mobility

Stamina F3 Cereals

  • Stamina F3 Cereals provides broad-spectrum disease control, against a wide range of wheat and barley pathogens, including Rhizoctonia root rot, Fusarium seed rot and seedling blight, common root rot, dry seed decay, Pythium damping off, common bunt of wheat and covered smut of barley.

Northern Extreme

Download the Northern Extreme tech sheet

  • Delivers robust disease control targeting pythium, rhizoctonia, fusarium and early season control of chewing and sucking pests.
  • Provides 5 active ingredients that deliver robust seed and seedling disease control along with early season insect protection from chewing and sucking pests.
  • Robust rate of insecticide for low to medium pressure wireworm
  • Developed with 2 fungicide modes of action (contact & systemic) to help deliver enhanced disease control
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