Northern Seed of Montana

Certified Seed

Seed Conditioning and Treating

All Northern’s seed conditioning plants are certified by the state of Montana to both condition and treat seed.

We condition seed to remove contaminants, upgrade it to meet certification and size it to meet seed needs. We pass it through segregated conveyors and drag paddles to holding bins to distribute through separators; screen machine, air aspirators, indent sizers. Once this process meets our quality standards, we recommend our customers have us apply appropriate seed treatments at the required rates to achieve disease and insect control in the field.  Portable cleaners, or on farm cleaners, cannot perform all of these functions to quality standards that a producer deserves. 

Confidence, Insurance, Peace of Mind

Certified Seed meets a set of government standards that you simply cannot get from last year’s crop in the bin. Purity, germination, identity, vigor, clean, newer genetics are all well worth the value and more that you gain from CERTIFIED SEED over farmer save seed.

Price, Performance, Yield, Time

The quality and yield of the crop performance from Certified Seed is well worth the time you save and the price you pay versus farmer saved seed.


Why fight the hassle of checking the germ, scheduling and hauling to cleaners, calibrating treaters, physically storing the grain, over-coming mistakes, not maximizing your cash flow, etc; when you can just call Northern Seed and order your seed; done?

Investment in research

When you purchase CERTIFIED SEED, Northern Seed will pay a certain royalty of your purchase value to Montana State
University or other breeding programs to continue and invest in their research of new seed varieties, to return better varieties to the market for producers to compete in the world market.


Northern Seed has invested energy and dollars to develop opportunities for value added alternatives. This has resulted in numerous contracts that we can offer or refer to producers. Please contact us to explore these possibilities.

  • Wheat Seed Production Contracts
  • Pea Production Contracts
  • seed services

  • Barley Production Contracts
  • Identity Preserved Seed Supply for Food Company Contracts
  • Anheuser Busch Barley
  • Columbia Grain Barley
  • Columbia Grain Peas
  • Conagra Barley
  • Kelloggs Barley
  • Pasta Montana Durum

Seed Treating

Visit our Seed treatment page.


Field Checking