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Seed Treatments


Northern Extreme Pulse

Pulse Enhancement System
Northern Seed has created a custom blend fungicide consisting of Stamina, Belmont and Maxim. This custom blend is a low cost effective way to protect crop investments by reducing the threat of seed and soil borne disease and improve plant stands and vigor.


Obvious Fungicide®

With Obvius fungicide, from BASF, growers of pulse, podded vegetables and canola have a formidable tool to start their crop seasons on the right foot. Obvius fungicide includes three unique modes of action, providing preventive protection for seeds and seedlings and helping growers avoid doubling down on their seed investment.



Inoculants are a must have when planting pulse crops. Northern Seed offers a variety of high quality inoculants to give your pulse crops maximum yield. There are three varieties of inoculants offered: granular, peat, and liquid. Talk with a Northern Seed specialists to find out which inoculant fits your farm the best.



STEPUP™ is a seed treatment nutrition that is specifically designed to interact with and respond to the seed by supplementing the protein and amino acids released during the early stages of germination, providing a faster and more uniform emergence, resulting in higher yields.

Stepup™ is new to the market and is currently being tested at the Northern Seed research center. Your Northern Seed specialist can help you determine whether STEPUP™ is right for your farm.


Green Peas



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Taller than aragorn
• Tougher seed coat
• Better heat tolerance
• More seedling vigor



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Proven yielder
• Wide range of end-users
• Good resistance to bleaching
• Most uniform seed coat



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Aragorn type (possible replacement)
• Improved yield vs Aragorn
• Root rot tolerance
• Improved bleach resistance


Yellow Peas



• Semi leafless erect yellow pea
• Improved quality in a yellow pea
• Better yield than 4152
• Root rot tolerance


Montech 4193

• Semi leafless erect yellow pea
• 1-3 in shorter than 4152
• Medium maturity (similar to 4152)
• Excellent yield potential
• Somewhat blocky structure


Forage Peas

Northern Seed offers 4010 and Austrian forage peas for use in hay pea forage mixes for cattle grazing. Contact a Northern Seed specialist for more information.





  • Richlea replacement
  • Slightly taller
  • Much improved disease package
  • Fits Richlea contracts
  • Medium green lentil



  • Medium Green Lentil
  • High Yielding
  • Good Resistance to Ascochyta
  • Early to Medium Maturity



  • Aragorn pea of the lentil market (widely marketed and accepted)
  • Taller lentil
  • Susceptible to bleaching and wrinkling


Clearfield Lentils

The Clearfield® Production System for lentils lets you forget about weeds and focus on yield. By combining nongenetically modified, herbicide-tolerant and high-yielding seed from leading seed companies with Beyond® herbicide for effective, long lasting residual control of grasses and broadleaf weeds, Clearfield provides unparalleled crop safety. The result is a higher yield potential and an easier harvest, enabling you to get the most out of every acre.


Maxim CL

  • Small Red Lentil
  • Solid performing lentil, making it the most commonly grown


CDC Imvincible CL

CDC Imvincible CL is a new small green lentil variety, and it displays the Clearfield® trait. This variety exhibits: a high yield, tall plant height, early maturity, and carries a strong disease resistance package. CDC Imvincible CL has good asochyta blight and anthracnose disease resistance.





  • Yield Potential: Excellent
  • Maturity: Medium, earlier than CDC Frontier
  • Height: 16 – 18 inches
  • Seed Characteristics: 8 – 9 mm size, ram-head seed shape, beige seed color
  • Seeds/Lb: 1157
  • Disease Resistance: Good Resistance to Ascochyta Blight


Large Kabuli

  • CDC Orion
  • Sierra


Medium Kabuli

  • CDC Frontier
  • Sawyer


Seeding Rates



Plant population 300,000 to 350,000 seeds per acre or 7 to 8 per square foot.



Plant population 525,000 to 600,000 seeds per acre or 12-15 plants per square foot.



Plant population 175,000 to 200,000 seeds per acre or 4-5 plants per square foot.

Download Spring 2017 Legume brochure

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