Peas & Legumes

Green Peas



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Taller than aragorn
• Tougher seed coat
• Better heat tolerance
• More seedling vigor



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Proven yielder
• Wide range of end-users
• Good resistance to bleaching
• Most uniform seed coat



• Semi leafless erect green pea
• Aragorn type (possible replacement)
• Improved yield vs Aragorn
• Root rot tolerance
• Improved bleach resistance


Yellow Peas



• Semi leafless erect yellow pea
• Improved quality in a yellow pea
• Better yield than 4152
• Root rot tolerance


Montech 4193

• Semi leafless erect yellow pea
• 1-3 in shorter than 4152
• Medium maturity (similar to 4152)
• Excellent yield potential
• Somewhat blocky structure


ACC Lacombe

• Semi leafless erect yellow pea
• Very good yield potential
• Excellent resistance to powdery mildew





  • Richlea replacement
  • Slightly taller
  • Much improved disease package
  • Fits Richlea contracts
  • Medium green lentil



  • Medium Green Lentil
  • High Yielding
  • Good Resistance to Ascochyta
  • Early to Medium Maturity



  • Aragorn pea of the lentil market (widely marketed and accepted)
  • Taller lentil
  • Susceptible to bleaching and wrinkling


Green Star

  • Large green lentil
  • Good resistance to ascochyta
  • Highest yielding large green
  • Excellent color retention


Clearfield Lentils

The Clearfield® Production System for lentils lets you forget about weeds and focus on yield. By combining nongenetically modified, herbicide-tolerant and high-yielding seed from leading seed companies with Beyond® herbicide for effective, long lasting residual control of grasses and broadleaf weeds, Clearfield provides unparalleled crop safety. The result is a higher yield potential and an easier harvest, enabling you to get the most out of every acre.


Maxim CL

  • Small Red Lentil
  • Solid performing lentil, making it the most commonly grown


CDC Imvincible CL

CDC Imvincible CL is a new small green lentil variety, and it displays the Clearfield® trait. This variety exhibits: a high yield, tall plant height, early maturity, and carries a strong disease resistance package. CDC Imvincible CL has good asochyta blight and anthracnose disease resistance.





  • Excellent yield potential
  • 9-10 mm
  • Good Resistance to Aschochyta



  • Excellent yield potential
  • Medium to late maturity
  • 8 mm
  • Good resistance to Aschochyta



  • Excellent yield potential
  • Medium maturity
  • 8-9 mm
  • Good resistance to Ascochyta




Seeding Rates



Plant population 300,000 to 350,000 seeds per acre or 7 to 8 per square foot.



Plant population 525,000 to 600,000 seeds per acre or 12-15 plants per square foot.



Plant population 175,000 to 200,000 seeds per acre or 4-5 plants per square foot.

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