Spring Wheat

Spring Wheat, Cereals and Seed Treatments

Spring Wheat


• Best Variety for Heavy Sawfly Pressure
• Excellent Yield Potential
• Great Thrashability
• Very Good Standability


• Large Area of Adaptation
• Light Wheat Stem Sawfly Tolerance
• Very Good Yield Potential
• Best Suited for Dryland Acres


• Excellent Yield Potential
• Excellent Yellow (Stripe) Rust Resistance
• Adapted Mainly for Irrigated Ground


• High Yield
• Stay Green Gene (later maturing)
• Light Sawfly Tolerance (Pheromone)


• Solid Stem for Sawfly Management
• Outstanding Test Weight Potential
• Excellent Protein Potential
• Very Good Disease Package (Stripe) Rust


• Choteau Replacement
• Solid Stem Sawfly Tolerance
• Medium Protein
• Better Yield Potential than Choteau

Sy Ingmar

Hard Red Spring

  • Very high protein plus high yield potential
  • Strong disease package
  • Moderate tolerance to Fusarium head blight and foliar diseases
  • Excellent stem rust and moderate leaf rust tolerance
  • Very good milling quality characteristics
  • Broadly adapted medium maturity semi-dwarf
  • Strong straw strength
  • Very good test weight



• Solid Stem for Sawfly Management
• Clearfield® Plus Technology (2 Gene)
• Excellent Standability
• Very Good Yield Potential


• Good Yield Potential
• Very Good Test Weight
• High Protein
• Clearfield® Plus Technology (2 Gene)

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