Clark Schmidt, with BASF shares some thoughts around weed control in Clearfield wheat.

By Clark Schmidt – BASF

The last couple of days I have looked at several field of Clearfield winter wheat as weather looks promising (70 plus degrees in Billings yesterday) for an upcoming application of Beyond and warmer temps predicted. A couple words of cautions, the winter wheat, cheat, goat grass, and rye has been beaten up pretty bad by cold temps 10 days to two weeks ago. In the Billing area we had temps below 20 degrees and in some place below 10 degrees. The wheat and the weeds haven’t recovered yet from those temps we should wait to get a couple of new leaves before spraying.. I believe the soonest we should be looking at doing in crop spraying with current weather pattern is maybe Thursday or Friday. I have attached a photo of some of the winter wheat, please note the damage that occurred from the hard frost. If you have any questions please give me a call.

Beyond Application Tips:

Beyond rates: 4 to 5 oz. per acre use the 5 oz. rate for Rye and Cheat grass and heavy infestations of goat grass. You can use 6 oz. on a bad Rye fields.
Water volumes: 10 gallons is min, 15 gallons is cool, 20 gallons is Outstanding.
Nitrogen source: 1 gallon of 32-0-0 or 28-0-0 per acre, you can use AMS at 2 #’s per acre but better performance occurs with fert.
Additives: MSO at 1% when using Beyond alone or tank mixing it with approved tank mix partners listed on above attached Tech Bulletin on two gene or Clearfield Plus varieties only. NIS at 1 qt per 100 gallons when tank-mixing with product (like LV-6) not listed on above Tech sheet and 1 gene wheat.

Fungicides: Works best with Priaxor at 2 to 4 oz. per acre, but can be used with other fungicides like Headline, Twinline, or lesser products. Beyond has great flexibility when a fungicide is add to it. I have seen powdery mildew in several winter wheat fields already Priaxor should be include in every tank.

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