Seed Treatment

Seed Treatment considerations – what does over-application cost you?

Do you believe in the use of seed treatments? If you believe the answer is yes, then you are making the right decision. For some growers the answer is, “I don’t know if I do or if I don’t”. As we move into a market where commodity prices are bearish it is easy to accept the notion that seed treatments aren’t worth the time or investment.

Seed Treatments have been proven to prevent a decreased yield for your cereal or pulse crop. Trials from Independent and University research show time and time again how seed treatments show an increased yield at harvest. However, one thought to keep in mind is how seed treatments provide a higher percentage of germinated seed, a more vigorous seedling and a more uniform stand at emergence. There are active ingredients in seed treatments that provide seed the ability to sit in marginal soil; to stay clean and healthy and not mold or decay by active fungi feeding on it. All these attributes should ease any growers’ mind that using a seed treatment is a very wise choice especially when market conditions are challenging.

While seed treatments are a great choice, another thought is whether they should have their seed treated at a seed condition plant. Here is some food for thought. Seed Treatment prices vary. The market is flooded with many product to choose from. Here at Northern Seed we strive to provide our customers with the best seed treatments we can offer while keeping our options at a great and affordable value. If you have not used Northern Seed to condition your seed with our seed treating options I hope this article will have you inquire about our services.

Some growers treat their seed themselves. If this is you consider this. Many growers treat based off of the color of their treated seed. Applicators can be inconsistent at times and based on temperatures can vary the application of seed treatments greatly. When treating based on color it is very easy to over apply your seed treatment. Over applying seed treatments can provide too much active ingredient on the seed thus creating seed to struggle with quick and effective germination. This is situation of having too much of a good thing on your seed. Phytotoxicity on seed is a real situation where too much active ingredient is applied creating an environment where seed has a tough time metabolizing the chemistry and starting the germination process. This can allow for delayed germination and uneven stands. In severe conditions seed can stop germinating all together. Under applying seed treatments are risky as well. The seed treatment does not have the correct active ingredients provided to the seed to allow for proper disease/insect control of the product you are purchasing.

If you over treat your seed you are overspending on your seed treatment. If an over application occurs you are money ahead to have Northern Seed provide this service to you. You are saving money by having Northern Seed provide this service to you. You also save yourself time and money by having the correct amount of seed treatment applied on your seed. You also don’t have the risk or spilling seed treatments on your farm and spending time purchasing seed treatments for those “end of seed” wrap ups.

We enjoy having you as a customer and look forward to more conversations about the use of seed treatments and how our services can save you time and money. Have a great spring seeding season and stay safe out there.

Equipment upgrade in Shelby Plant

Shelby, MT Plant upgrades with new Garratt Gravity Table

Installation is complete of a new Garratt Gravity Table in our Shelby, MT seed plant. We believe that gravity tables are an excellent tool in achieving consistent, clean, vigorous seed.

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